Control Japanese Knotweed for Home Owners

Specialising in residential and home owner Japanese Knotweed control PBA offers affordable results throughout the UK!

Successfully getting rid of Japanese Knotweed requires horticultural knowledge and invasive weed experience. As founder members of the PCA Invasive Weed Group this is exactly what PBA  offer; robust, affordable Japanese Knotweed solutions throughout the UK.  

Getting free impartial advice is where it starts, our industry acknowledged experts will guide you through Japanese Knotweed legislation, they will dispel the myths and scare stories to provide an honest practical and affordable Japanese Knotweed control solution.

Our expertise is in residential home and Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions; if we can put houses with Japanese Knotweed back into the property market as mortgageable homes then we are well placed to solve your Japanese Knotweed problem. Just see what our customers say...
"Thanks for the Management Plan. After all that the lender has come back with approval to proceed with no retention needed. Thanks again!"  
Residential property sale; Honor Oak, London

 "Thanks for all your assistance over the last few months with the mortgage issue, I have now completed the property purchase.  I look forward to starting the Knotweed eradication process."
Residential property sale; South West London

Advice for Home Owners with Japanese Knotweed

What to look out for if Japanese Knotweed is present in your garden:

1) Japanese Knotweed is invasive - it spreads; if it migrates from one property to another this could result in a private nuisance claim.
2) Japanese Knotweed will destroy tarmac, making the material contaminated and vastly increasing repair costs since the resulting waste tarmac will cost more to dispose of with Japanese Knotweed in it.
3) Japanese Knotweed will exploit drains and gullies and as roots develop they will exert pressure on weaknesses, cracks and joints.
4) Japanese Knotweed is like an iceberg; there is a lot more root than top growth, the roots are the bad bit and when they get under sheds, conservatories, patios, paths and drives control is not so easy and damage is more likely.

What to do if knotweed is present in your garden:

1) Ideally contact a Japanese Knotweed Specialist - one that is accredited by the PCA such as PBA Solutions.
2) Make sure the location of infestation becomes a no go zone! You don't want people (kids!) trampling knotweed root around the garden. This will cause the knotweed to rapidly spread and as such a fence or other structure may be required to stop this happening. Until you have taken professional advice a 7 metre zone around an established knotweed stand should be observed.
3) Photograph the knotweed close up for species identification and take photos that put the surrounding landscape into context with the infestation.
4) Mark on a plan the location and extent of knotweed, you should have a plan within the deeds of your property.
5) Measure the extent of visible knotweed growths as it would be when fully grown in the summer. Record the date the measurements were taken. 
6) Ideally use an accredited specialist such as PBA Solutions to implement a structured treatment program. They will need the above information. Recording such information from the outset helps monitor a treatment program and will enable you to demonstrate that you're controlling the knotweed regardless of who does it.

What not to do when you have Japanese Knotweed: 

1) Don't dig, garden or disturb knotweed or land close to knotweed, roots can grow to 7 metres in length so advice should be sought so that a practical exclusion zone can be observed. Don't pull knotweed, in the winter the dead canes can be cut down but this should be done under the guidance of a specialist. Pulling rather than cutting will cause roots at the base of the cane to break away from the main plant. The roots are highly invasive and should be left alone and intact at all times.
2) Don't dispose of Japanese Knotweed in your household or garden waste - this is illegal and could result in fines.  Disposal of Japanese Knotweed impacted waste is subject to legislation and as such a knotweed specialist must be consulted if disposal is to be considered.
3) Nothing; doing nothing only makes the problem worse. Japanese Knotweed will not go away by itself and for every year it is left the cost of Japanese Knotweed control for the home owner will escalate.

Japanese Knotweed Control for Home Owners:

Our Japanese Knotweed Home Owner Packages start with affordable pay as you go treatments. This means you pay a fixed sum when we visit and treatments continue until control has been achieved. At the other end of the scale we offer a fully contracted service that focuses on our clients needs. Unlike others our structured treatment program can include cultural control techniques to speed up chemical uptake while our phased approach to treatment programs allow our clients to know exactly what to expect as treatments progress while we focus on providing robust, affordable, home owner Japanese Knotweed Control.
Our mortgage packages start with a management plan. This document holds survey information and assesses risk so leaders can decide whether to lend. Since PBA are leaders in the provision of Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions our treatment packages are designed to precisely meet individual lender requirements. This is because different lenders have different policies; some need guarantees and management plans, others escrow back accounts and scaled drawings to record the location of knotweed. Through PBAs involvement with the Royal Institute of Surveyors (RICS) and The Board of Mortgage Lenders we are able to give the most comprehensive advice and solution to ensure a Mortgage for a home with Japanese Knotweed can be obtained. 

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