Controlling Japanese Knotweed: Advice for Developers

Listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s worst invasive species and firmly entrenched on the UK list of invasive species that needs to be controlled, Japanese knotweed can severely affect the value of a property and provoke some extreme reactions in developers! However, if Japanese knotweed is found on a site that  you’ve earmarked for development you need not worry. By employing a qualified Japanese knotweed control expert such as PBA Solutions you will be able to continue your plans with little disruption.

The Environment Agency (EA) Code of Practice details that a Japanese knotweed Clerk of Works must be appointed, who will take responsibility for implementing a Japanese knotweed management plan and oversee the work undertaken.

Japanese Knotweed Management Plans

Japanese knotweed management plans are important as they record the decision-making process used to determine a Japanese knotweed control solution. They also bring any and all documentation together such as waste transfer notes, excavation or cell burial location plans and herbicide records. According to the Environment Agency, Knotweed Management Plans (KMPs) are an essential and integral part of any Japanese knotweed control programme and must be followed as per the EA Code of Practice.

Giving Developers Confidence

PBA Solutions is a TrustMark approved company, adhering to government-endorsed standards. Fully insured with £5million Public Liability and £5million Professional Indemnity insurance and offering 5 and 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantees, we’ve got you covered whatever Japanese knotweed control option you choose.

Working with clients such as Berkley Homes, Oakwood Group, Mansell and Green Acre Homes, we’ve built up a reputation for clear, concise and complete Japanese knotweed control for developers. Take a look at our Japanese knotweed case studies for more information.

You can trust PBA Solutions to sort out any Japanese knotweed problems on your development site. So, for your free Japanese knotweed site survey, just get in touch. Call us now on 0203 174 2187 or email [email protected].