Herbicide Treatment for Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is an incredibly hardy and wily invasive weed that cannot be eradicated by traditional means once it takes root. However that doesn’t mean that all is lost; there are a number of ways in which you can get rid of Japanese knotweed with chemical and non-chemical options.

Knotweed control via herbicide treatment is a programme that typically lasts around two to four years. The chemicals used in Japanese knotweed herbicide treatments must be correctly dosed and applied if it is to be successful, and do as little damage to surrounding flora and fauna as possible. Therefore, always use a qualified and competent individual for any form of Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment.

Herbicide Spraying

japanese-knotweed-herbicide-spray-treatmentFoliar spraying application can be applied during the knotweed growth season, normally from May through to September or October. It is considered to be the most far-reaching herbicide treatment for Japanese knotweed, ultimately doing enough damage to the plant to prevent further regrowth. Unfortunately the nature of the spray treatment means that some non-invasive weeds may also be affected and most herbicide spray programmes take years to complete.

Weed Glove

If the Japanese knotweed present on your site or property is near to ornamental plants then a weed glove or weed wipe can be used. This method of Japanese knotweed herbicide application directly transfers the herbicide chemical onto the leaves in isolation from other, non-invasive plants.

Stem Injection

Herbicide treatment via stem injection is another method that has its place in the arsenal used to treat Japanese knotweed. Where used correctly, it is a controlled and specific way of targeting Japanese knotweed. It works by injecting a measured does of herbicide chemicals into selected knotweed canes, which then travels down into the knotweed rhizomes (root system). Getting the dosage wrong can have disastrous effects, as the knotweed can easily be pushed into dormancy. In this scenario, the knotweed will simply lie in wait for as many as twenty years, making a reappearance just when you thought it was gone!

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