Japanese Knotweed Excavation and Off-Site Removal

When Japanese knotweed is present on a site for development it is vital that it is dealt with before any other work gets underway – knotweed is incredibly easy to spread and the last thing you want is to have knotweed infesting the whole site! Japanese knotweed excavation can be the perfect solution for anyone who is short on time and needs swift and effective Japanese knotweed removal.


Japanese knotweed removal involves taking the contaminated materials off-site as ‘Controlled Waste’ as defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Before this can happen, it is a legal necessity to pretreat the knotweed under the Landfill Directive 2002. Pre-treatment is used to reduce the viability of the plant, making it more acceptable at landfill. Pre-treatment methods include herbicide treatment either as a foliar spray or with stem injection, as well as cutting or burning of dead or decaying stem growth.

It must be noted that certain methods of Japanese knotweed pre-treatment could limit or negatively affect the control methods that follow, so it’s best to seek advice from a Japanese knotweed consultant who possess an in-depth understanding of effective Japanese knotweed control.

Knotweed Excavation

Japanese knotweed excavation is typically completed with mechanical excavators that are used under the expert eye of a Japanese Knotweed Clerk of Works. As it is classified as ‘Controlled Waste’ by the Environment Agency, Japanese knotweed must be transported by a licensed waste carrier under the Controlled Waste Regulations 1991.


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