Japanese Knotweed Guarantees

Assurance in Japanese Knotweed Control


Many clients and also mortgage lenders need additional reassurance that once Japanese knotweed treatment or removal is complete, the area affected will be covered by a bespoke guarantee. Many insurance companies will not insure against damage caused by invasive weeds. As Japanese knotweed specialists, PBA Solutions can provide a number of products that have been designed to meet the demands of insurance companies, banks and building societies.


5 or 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)

Our IBG covers customers against the unlikely reoccurrence of Japanese knotweed once we have formally confirmed that a treatment contract is complete. Furthermore, this product will pay for an alternative PCA accredited company to complete the work, as contracted, in the unlikely event that PBA Solutions cannot.
PBA Solutions uses an IBG specifically developed for PCA (Property care Association) accredited invasive weed specialists and their clients. As part of our quality assurance procedure, the IBG provider reviews every Knotweed Management Plan prior to issue of the IBG. This enables PBA Solutions to provide high quality guaranteed Japanese knotweed solutions, including competitively priced policies for all of our customers.

A Point of Caution

There are, of course, imitators offering expensive products from well known high street insurers. The purpose of an IBG is simply to protect the consumer if things go wrong with the specialist contractor. If the policy is expensive it is often because the insurer knows the contractor and their work to be high risk. Our recommendation is to use a PCA accredited company - such as PBA - so that you invest as much in service as you do in the guarantee!

Consumer Protection During the Treatment

Our Escrow bank account facility is a funding system with a warranty included along with third party dispute resolution. Using the Escrow facility not only protects consumers but also ensures that their IBG is not compromised if anything happens to the contracted company.

Cost Effective Japanese Knotweed Guarantees

The PBA Solutions standard two year company guarantee is offered on all contract treatment programs and does not have to be insurance backed.

Our promise to you is:

  • CLAIM HANDLING: We will always re-inspect a property upon a guarantee claim being made (subject to terms).
  • RESPONSIVE TRUSTMARK COMPANY: Any claim of faulty workmanship or faulty materials used as part of a treatment programme, we will sort out without delay.
  • 2 YEARS ACTIVE MONITORING POST-TREATMENT: All our IBG covered programs come with two years of post-treatment monitoring for added piece of mind.
  • IMMEDIATE COVER: Using our Escrow bank funding provides immediate warranty cover - that means you have peace of mind from the moment work begins.
  • NEED TO MOVE HOUSE? The new owner can take over the policy and normally without charge.


Wherever you live in the UK please feel free to call us on 0203 174 2187 to find out more about Insurance Backed Guarantees related to Japanese knotweed treatment or removal with PBA Solutions. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly.