Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Solutions

Do you need a knotweed management plan for your mortgage?

Obtaining a mortgage on property with Japanese Knotweed is straightforward if approached correctly! PBA Solutions as a PCA accredited specialist recognised by the RICS routinely provides Japanese knotweed mortgage solutions to meet buyer, vendor and lender requirements.

Having worked with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) over a 2-year period and contributed to their information paper (Residential Property and Japanese knotweed) PBA has insight into the needs of lenders and have gained valuable experience over the last 5 years working with property professionals. This is why PBA leads in the provision of Japanese knotweed mortgage solutions; our comprehensive treatment packages are the perfect solution for your Japanese knotweed mortgage problem.  


Why use PBA Solutions:

  • Proven mortgage compliant knotweed solution or your money back! 
  • Accredited Japanese knotweed removal specialists being founder members of the Property Care Association (PCA) Invasive Weed Group
  • Trust Mark approved invasive weed company, independently checked and operating to Government-endorsed standards  
  • Fully insured with 5 million public liability and 5 million professional indemnity (PI) insurance
  • Recognised provider of Japanese knotweed specific 5 or 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG’s), which can help you secure a mortgage
  • PCA recognised and trained invasive weed surveyors
  • Secure Escrow funding by FSA authorised payment services provider, designed to protect clients. Also includes 12 month warranty 
  • Expert witness service from leading invasive weed consultants with 5 Million PI insurance
  • Horticultural and Environmental consultants highly trained to provide expert, informed advice in all matters of invasive weed management 
  • Established 20 years (1995-2015)!

What do we offer?

Mortgage compliant packages or your money back! When considering such a package make sure you can get the following because your lender may want you to provide it!

  • A scale plan locating the infestation in relation to the dwelling
  • Formal identification from an accredited specialist with Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance
  • A structured Japanese knotweed Management Plan that evaluates methods of control, identifies site specific constraints and details action to be taken
  • A 5 or 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). Importantly you will need a letter of registration from the IBG provider (insurance company) at the outset of the treatment plan
  • Full priced proposal which meets the IBG provider’s requirements
  • Third Party Escrow bank account transferable between vendor and buyer to hold monies while treatment is completed. Essential to protect you during treatment so that the IBG can remain valid.
  • Did you know that our IBG provider sells their guarantee to you for £79.50 including Insurance Premium Tax? This is competitive and the reason it’s good value is because the risk is low! PBA has a good track record; we are accredited by the PCA and are Government Endorsed through TrustMark. Essentially we get results and our credentials speak for themselves! So compare us with other companies - you will soon find out that others charge £1000s for Japanese knotweed mortgage guarantees - why? Because the risk is higher!


For free telephone advice or to confidentially discuss your Japanese knotweed mortgage needs please call 0203 174 2187.