Japanese Knotweed Removal: What You Need to Know

Japanese knotweed removal off-site is an effective Japanese knotweed control solution that could be the answer to your invasive weed woes. In taking contaminated waste off-site you reduce the chances of re-growth dramatically, helping to ensure that your property remains Japanese knotweed free.

Good site hygiene must be kept in mind at all times with Japanese knotweed removal as all knotweed waste is classified as ‘controlled waste’ by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This means that a specific set of procedures has to be undertaken in order to safely and effectively get rid of Japanese knotweed. At PBA Solutions we employ GIS/GPS mapping in order to accurately plot invasive weed infestations, helping to create a precise and effective Japanese knotweed removal plan. Book your *free Japanese knotweed survey today.

Complete Japanese Knotweed Removal

Bear in mind that before taking it to landfill, the affected soil and plant matter must be pre-treated in accordance with the Landfill Directive 2002. This is to make sure that when the Japanese knotweed is removed to a landfill it is less likely to regenerate on the new site. The most common pre-treatment option is a course of Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment, which weakens the viability of this invasive weed.

Another legal requirement with Japanese knotweed removal is from the Controlled Waste Regulations 1991, which states that the waste must be transported by an Environment Agency-registered carrier like PBA Solutions.

Contact PBA Solutions for a complete Japanese knotweed removal result. We have over 15 years of on-the-ground experience as an expert Japanese knotweed removal company. With operational bases in London, the Midlands, Hampshire and Dorset, PBA Solutions is perfectly placed for all of your Japanese knotweed control needs. Call us on 0203 174 2187 or email [email protected] today.

*For all commercial clients looking to remove knotweed from a development site.