Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Why is a tailored Japanese knotweed treatment package important?

A Japanese knotweed treatment package must fulfil the property owner’s requirements and budget, meet the needs of the property and be of appropriate duration.

PBA Solutions offers affordable Japanese knotweed treatment packages that are individually designed to meet the needs of our clients and their properties.

The PBA advantage:

When you choose PBA for Japanese knotweed treatment, you get the assurance of:

  • Invasive weed experts (consultants, surveyors and technicians) who are accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA).
  • PBA being founder members of the PCA Invasive Weed Group.
  • A TrustMark approved invasive weed company, independently checked and operating to government-endorsed standards.
  • Insurance backed, 5 & 10 year retreatment guarantees.
  • Secure, FCA-authorised Escrow funding, designed to protect clients and mortgage lenders with 12 month warranties.
  • Being fully insured with £5million Public Liability and £5million Professional Indemnity insurance.
  • High accuracy GIS and GPS surveys for the mapping of invasive weed infestations.
  • Expert, informed advice in all matters of invasive weed management, including Japanese knotweed treatment by trained horticultural and environmental consultants.
  • NPTC qualified technicians with City & Guilds (PA1 & PA6AW) for herbicide treatment application.

In addition to all this, you get fully trained SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) qualified technicians and CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card holders.

Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Treatment Packages:

At PBA, we understand that not, much like our clients, no two knotweed infestations are the same! That’s why we offer you a choice of plans to suit your circumstances, with the flexibility to change plans if and when you need to. The main plans we provide are:

  • Mortgage Compliant Package
  • Pay Monthly Package
  • Pay As You Go

If you need something different, just ask - we’ll do our best to work something out that fits your needs and situation.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment - Mortgage Compliant Package (MCP)

Our Japanese knotweed MCPs are exactly that – compliant! Whether you are buying or selling, or simply wish to re-mortgage, this package includes everything you need to keep your lender happy and keep the process moving.

You get…

  • A full site survey with formal species identification from an accredited specialist
  • A report detailing the survey findings and a scaled plan locating the infestation
  • A bespoke, written Management Plan for Japanese knotweed treatment
  • A knotweed risk assessment for your property (using RICS criteria)
  • A fully detailed quote for the structured treatment program

And, for the lender’s peace of mind…

  • An Escrow bank account to hold the funds for treatment program and provide full protection during the treatment program
  • An independent Insurance Backed Guarantee (re-treatment) of 5 or 10 years.
  • A PCA accredited specialist to carry out the above.

“To keep things moving as smoothly as possible, at the start of the buying/selling process, ask the lender exactly what they require. We’re happy to speak to them, or your solicitor, if they have any questions.”

Did you know…

Our IBG provider passes on their guarantee to you for only £79.50, including Insurance Premium Tax. This price is so reasonable because PBA Solutions has an exceptional track record in treating Japanese knotweed, we are PCA accredited and TrustMark endorsed. In other words, the level of risk is incredibly low! So compare us with other companies; you will soon find out that others charge thousands of pounds for guarantees, simply because of the high risk to the insurer.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment - Pay As You Go

This is a simple service where PBA offer a regular Japanese knotweed treatment and inspection service, with no inherent guarantees. This service is an economical option and allows clients to commence treatment with the option of upgrading to a different service package at a later date. Although the cost to you is lower, you will still get the same high standard of service; we don’t skimp on time or materials.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment - Pay Monthly

This service offers our clients the chance to receive our high quality Japanese knotweed treatment program whilst spreading the cost over three or four years. After the initial survey, you will receive a standard report, which gives you a point-in-time reference document recording the knotweed infestation. The Pay Monthly treatment option comes with a company guarantee of two years as standard.

Standard treatment package

All of our Japanese knotweed treatment packages start with a full site survey from which the management process for the site can be worked out. Common with all treatment packages is our process-led system of:

  • Site appraisal.
  • Japanese knotweed treatment package setup and initial visit.
  • Japanese knotweed control phase making regular visits to treat and kill all visible growths.
  • Japanese knotweed mop-up phase where any regrowth is treated via regular inspection.

The process completes once regrowth is under control and at this point a guarantee would be issued whilst monitoring visits would continue.

Accelerated treatments

As part of the Japanese knotweed treatment process, a range of additional control methods can be employed to speed up the process of control. This can involve rhizome aggravation and even the use of fertilizers to encourage better top-growth (no top-growth = no treatments!). Accelerated treatments are not suitable for every infestation and may not be physically possible due to site restrictions. Where they can be employed, they ensure that control of the infestation is achieved in only twelve to eighteen months. These methods can produce brilliant results on mature, well-established infestations that would otherwise put up a real fight!

Excavation and removal packages

PBA Solutions offers Japanese knotweed excavation, root barrier installation, and knotweed relocation. These control methods can be incorporated in to a holistic Japanese knotweed treatment solution to ensure that clients get the best solutions for the site and budget.

PBA also offers consultancy services including viability testing and can represent clients as an Expert Witness.

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