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Japanese Knotweed Excavation and Off-Site Removal

When Japanese knotweed is present on a site for development it is vital that it is dealt with before any other work gets underway – knotweed is incredibly easy to spread and the last thing you want is to have knotweed infesting the whole site! Japanese knotweed excavation can be the perfect solution for anyone who is short on time and needs swift and effective Japanese knotweed removal.

What is a Japanese Knotweed Clerk of Works?

When you are a property developer and you discover Japanese knotweed on-site, you want a swift and effective way to remove this invasive nuisance weed. The Environment Agency details a certain set of procedures that must be followed in order to legally and safely remove Japanese knotweed from the immediate area, called the Code of Practice for Managing Japanese knotweed.

This Code of Practice details the ways of dealing with the problem on a property development or building site. These include:

Controlling Japanese Knotweed: Advice for Developers

Listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s worst invasive species and firmly entrenched on the UK list of invasive species that needs to be controlled, Japanese knotweed can severely affect the value of a property and provoke some extreme reactions in developers! However, if Japanese knotweed is found on a site that  you’ve earmarked for development you need not worry. By employing a qualified Japanese knotweed control expert such as PBA Solutions you will be able to continue your plans with little disruption.

What Does Japanese Knotweed Look Like?

Japanese knotweed has shot up in popularity in recent years, not in purchases from garden centres but on internet searches by gardeners and home owners, lenders, estate agents and developers. First brought over from Japan by the Victorians, this incredibly hardy plant, naturally found on the slopes of volcanoes, has made itself right at home in the mild climate and fertile soils of Britain.

How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a plant that has taken the UK by storm – and not in a good way. This invasive weed is a troublesome menace that now plagues both the countryside and our urban landscapes – so much so that getting rid of Japanese knotweed and understanding how to remove Japanese knotweed is now a top priority for both the UK government and the E.U.

PBA Solutions at Ecobuild 2015


In celebrating 20 years of success, between 3-5th March PBA Solutions will be present at Ecobuild 2015- the leading event for sustainable design, construction and energy. We would like to invite all of our friends and clients to this exhibition, which is hosted at the London ExCel and sees over 40,000 dedicated attendees every year.

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