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Control Japanese Knotweed: Advice for Homeowners

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive weed species that is currently blighting our gardens and countryside with shocking speed, and your home could be at serious risk if this plant takes root on your property. Not only can Japanese Knotweed damage the structural integrity of your home and take over your garden, it can also create problems in securing a mortgage.

Knotweed in the News

Japanese knotweed has caused ripples in the media recently with cases cropping up all across the UK from Wales to Kent. This invasive weed can be found anywhere – there is no limit to its resilience.

PCA Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice

The new PCA Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice defines standards for the control and removal of this invasive weed. This document demonstrates how PBA and other accredited specialists have collaborated to ensure that industry along with consumers can understand, identify and use specialists who provide robust invasive weed solutions. 
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